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Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University

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Make use of the expenses that are undergraduate Graduate costs worksheet as a guide in determining out-of-pocket expenses linked to the autumn semester at Old Dominion University. Comparing anticipated educational funding with institutional fees can lead to a ballpark estimate of out-of-pocket costs. Moms and dads of reliant students may request a Federal Direct PLUS Loan to simply help satisfy those charges that are additional. A call to your pupil’s educational funding guidance group, or perhaps a fax to 757 that are( 683-5920, is all that’s required to start the procedure. PLUS Loans are prepared through Old Dominion University.

Whenever students that are new for classes, an enrollment printout with balance is granted. Regarding the declaration there might be a “previous balance” referenced. If that’s the case, this reflects institutional prices for the residence hallway enrollment. The tuition fees (evaluated during the time of enrollment) are totaled along with associated charges, additionally the balance that is current the sum of the housing and tuition prices for the autumn semester as of enough time the declaration is made.

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